Blocultural Core Values (D-I-S-C):


Dedication: We go above and beyond to serve the customer and make sure that we provide the highest quality customer service possible. Our team does not actively trade virtual currencies or participate in presale or ICO investing in order to focus our full attention on our clients and what we do best.


Integrity: We do not cut corners and we do not lie to our clients. We give more than we get. We practice "radical honesty" and transparency even when it is uncomfortable to tell the truth. We look to foster long-term relationships and do not negotiate too hard or try to “close deals.”


Scrappy: We do not spend large budgets. Each dollar of our clients’ marketing budget is precious, and we negotiate on behalf of our clients for better deals from vendors such as PR, influencers, article writers, etc. We are hustlers and put in 110% of our effort in what we do. We put our whole hearts into what we do and put our reputations on the line to deliver the best results. 


Creative & Contrarian: We bring fresh, custom, and creative solutions instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach. We do not follow the tactics that other companies do. We seek to see the hidden potential in undiscovered "gems" rather than hopping on the bandwagon and working with "hyped" projects. We seek to take as many brand risks as possible while still being compliant with regulations.